New Resources section

Reflections on racism and oppression in midwifery

Hey everyone!  We’ve significantly updated our Resources section and have organized things into the following pages:

Racism 101

White Privilege 101

Impact of Racism & Oppression on Birth Outcomes

Racism in Midwifery

Multicultural Midwifery History

Intersections of Race, Gender, Class

For Activists

For Clinicians

LGBTQ Healthcare

For Educators

How to Be an Ally

Talking with Children

Feel free to leave a comment in any of these sections with your favorite books, articles, videos or blog posts and we’ll add them to these growing pages.

We’ve also got a page for Workshops, on which we would love to post upcoming events and trainings by region. Let us know what’s happening in your area!  And if you’ve attended a workshop, we’d be happy to post your write-up and reflections here.  Just let us know with a comment here or via our Facebook group and an admin will connect with you.

Happy reading!

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