About us

We are a group of midwives & birth workers, founded in March of 2012 at the CPM Symposium in Warrenton, VA, who are working to deepen our understanding of and take action to dismantle institutional racism and oppression in midwifery. We welcome those interested in working toward and learning about anti-racism and anti-oppression in midwifery to join us. Joining our Facebook group is the current best way to get connected and stay up to date. ¬†If you don’t use Facebook, you can leave a specific comment here and we will get you connected to the group in another way.

Join the Facebook group here.

Our work includes deepening our knowledge of and developing ways to break down systems of oppression and domination, including but not limited to racism/white supremacy, patriarchy/sexism, classism, ableism, heterosexism/homophobia/transphobia, and xenophobia based on perceived nation of origin and religion. Some of the steps that we are taking include the following:

  • Planning and delivering anti-racism workshops in state organizations and at national conferences
  • Providing resources and information via this website
  • Designing a framework for NARM’s new “cultural competency” requirement that requires anti-racism and anti-oppression training
  • Researching, compiling, and creating scholarships and other funding opportunities for students and midwives of color

We invite all interested midwives and students to join us in transforming midwifery toward health equity for all birthing families and racial justice in our profession.

7 thoughts on “About us

  1. I’m not on facebook but would love to be involved with your group. Can you tell me how else I can get plugged in? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lily! Sorry for the long delay in answering. The blog administration has lapsed a bit these last few months, but we are hoping to stay more active. I believe that another fundraiser is in the works–we should have info up for it very soon. Feel free to contact Annie Menzel at anniecmenzel@gmail.com

      Thank you for reaching out!

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