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The State of Black Midwifery


As our community faces high infant mortality, maternal mortality and the lack of cultural competency in care, the need for more Black midwives have risen.  How does one answer the call?  Underground or Licensed?  What steps do Black student midwives have to take? Where can we do our clinicals?  Join us as we honor the work of Black midwifery past and present and discuss goals and the groundwork being laid to ensure the profession’s future in our communities.

12 recordings are available for purchase & download here:

  • Claudia Booker speaks on “Becoming a CPM in the USA: Routes, Processes & Obstacles”
  • Jamarah Amani speaks on “Continuing the Tradition: Becoming a Midwife”
  • JayVon Muhammad speaks on “Midwifery & Public Health: How Neighborhood Clinics can Improve Birth Outcomes”
  • Makeda Kamara speaks on “Licensure or Underground: Where Does More Regulation Take Black Midwifery?”
  • Maria Milton speaks on “Milton Memorial Birth Center: Continuing the Legacy of Black Midwifery in Florida”
  • Mawusi Ashshakir speaks on “The Call to Midwifery”
  • Nana Siti Opio speaks on “Healing Arts & Midwifery”
  • Nandi Andrea Hill speaks on “Midwifery Work Among Black Communities in New Mexico”
  • Nicole Deggins speaks on “Certified Nurse Midwifery: Choosing the Medical Path, Pros & Cons”
  • Racha Tahani Lawler speaks on “Importance of Birth Centers for Better Birth Outcomes”
  • Sarahn Henderson speaks on “Thoughts on Black Midwifery Past, Hopes for Its Future”
  • UmmSalaamah Abdullah-Salimah speaks on “Ethical Out of Country Midwifery Work in Africa”

Click here to purchase individual recordings or the full package.


Roots-n-Bush Online Birth Conference


Click here to purchase the full weekend recording!

Intense High & Divine Birth Wisdom  Are Honored to Present the Roots-N-Bush Online Birth Conference. Our mission during this conference was to showcase the rich spirituality, history, and birth customs of Black women all over the world. Currently, we live in a time where there is serious culture appropriation that has spilled over into the natural birth community. The Roots-N-Bush Online Conference presents a platform where we claim our Black birth traditions and customs, from herbs, roots, rituals, and food and share it with a new generation of women hungry to learn, practice and incorporate these customs in their lives and birth work.

We have gathered together a powerfully enriching roster of women whose life/work embody passion for the holistic well-being of Black women, children and families. Each of our guests were interviewed with thought provoking questions so that they may share their knowledge and pearls of wisdom. After each interview, the listening and viewing audience had the opportunity to participate in question and answer sessions.

This conference is for birth workers, parents, students and anyone who values the holistic approach to natural birthing within Black and Indigenous communities.

Click here for more information about the conference proceedings & speakers and to purchase individual recordings or the full package.


15th Annual White Privilege Conference

WPC1Madison, WI

March 26-29, 2014

Registration opens on MLK Day, January 20, 2014

Early registration rates end on February 24, 2014



Past workshops:

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota 2013

Madison, Wisconsin 2012

Portland, Oregon 2012


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