Talking With Children

Blog Posts & Articles

Understanding Prejudice. Bibliography of children’s books.  A vast bibliography, color-coded by age appropriateness

Novoa, M. (2012). Here are easy ways to have tough talks with kids about raceColorlines.

Wistrom, E. (2012). Talking about diversity with preschool children: 5 books to share and enjoyBright Hub Education.

Collins, GP. (2013). Five myths of talking about race with your child. Blog post at RIISE.

Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan. (Jan 2013). Resources for talking to kids about race and racism.

Newsweek Magazine. (2009). “See Baby Discriminate.”  Kids as young as 6 months judge others based on skin color. What’s a parent to do?

Wade, Lisa. (2008). How and why people of color are included in advertising (series of 6 installments). The Society Pages.

ACLU. (n.d.). School-to-prison pipeline.  This site offers a great primer on the issue.

Series in the New York Times about schools, “A System Divided”:

Santos, F. (Feb 25, 2012). A System Divided: To be black at Stuyvesant High SchoolNew York Times. 

Kleinfield, NR. (May 11, 2012). A System Divided: Why don’t we have any white kids? New York Times. 

Robbins, L. (June 15, 2012). A System Divided: Integrating a school, one child at a timeNew York Times.

Anderson, J. (Oct 19, 2012). A System Divided: Admitted, but left outNew York Times.

Baker, A. (Jan 12, 2013). A System Divided: Gifted, talented and separated: In one school, students are divided by gifted label – and raceNew York Times.

Spencer, K. (Oct 26, 2012). For Asians, school tests are vital steppingstonesNew York Times.

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